List of 1000 German Nouns

This German-English Word List in Excel contains 1598 German words. You can also have my German-English list with 27500 words that I have written out since 2014 from more than 5000 newspaper articles. E-mail me at longwordlist[AT], if interested. Notice, however, that my 27500-word list costs US$25.

“What’s the benefit of knowing 27500+ German words?” you may be wondering. For instance, to read newspaper articles, like this one. I could not recognize 11 German words/expressions in the article. Six of them I found in my word list and five other had to look up in online dictionaries. I added these to my word list. 

I have compiled the 27500-word list over the past 56 months by reading German newspapers. When I began to read German newspapers back in February 2014, I barely knew 200 German words. Back then I could not find a long and well-compiled German-English word list on the Internet and thus had to compile one of my own.

The words in the 27500-word list come from such German newspapers as Der Spiegel, Süddeutsche Zeitung,, and others.

Features of my 27500-word list:

All nouns are given with articles and plural forms. E.g.:

das Kreuzfahrtschiff (Pl.: die Kreuzfahrtschiffe) cruise ship [travel; naut.]

All verbs are given in 3 forms. E.g.:

zubringen |brachte zu, zugebracht| spend [time]

Cases (Dativ, Akkusativ, Genitiv) for verbs are given, whenever they were available in the source dictionaries. E.g.:

sich (Dat.) etw. (Akk.) wünschen |wünschte, gewünscht| want sth.

Explanatory notes, whenever they were available in the source dictionaries, are provided. E.g.:

etw. (A) zeitigen |zeitigte, gezeitigt| yield sth. [results, success, Früchte, Folgen etc.]

Over 14000 example expressions and sentences, with and without translations, are provided. E.g.:

die Morgendämmerung (Pl.: die Morgendämmerungen) dawn [in der Morgendämmerung–at dawn; Die Morgendämmerung ist nahe.–Dawn is near.]

Only the most useful translations of German words are supplied—the ones that I needed during the past 56 months of reading the German press.

About 20% of English translations also have a Russian translation. You can see how this looks in lines 111, 166, 314 of the file “German-English Word List” (link for download supplied above).

Some (interesting) facts about my word list (as of May 10, 2016):

1) The list contains around 10.375 nouns, of which about 44% are feminine, 36% are masculine, and 19% are neutral. 47 nouns have two genders (e.g. der/das Kalkül or die/das Soja) and Joghurt has 3 genders: der/die/das Joghurt.

2) Adding 23.000 words to my German word list has taken me 809 days, from February 22, 2014 till May 10, 2016.

3) I had to read about 3000 newspaper articles with a combined length of about 1.500.000 words to compile my word list.

4) During the first 1,5 years of my German studies I have been dedicating to reading the German press, writing out new words and trying to memorize them about 4 hours daily. Now it’s about 2 hours daily.

What follows below is some gibberish. Read it at your own risk 🙂

It took me about 6 months to write out 5000 German words from German newspapers. 1000 most common German words will not take you very far, but you have to start from something. There are approximately 100 most used German words, but again, they will not take far. German core 100 word list is relatively easy to find on the web. On the other hand, a high-quality German vocabulary list is difficult to come by. Compiling a list of German words takes a lot of time. Back in 2014 when I began to study German I could not find reliable German word lists on the web and had to compile one of my own. The German word list that I have compiled over the past 56 months contains over 27500 German words. Unfortunately, if you learn only the most common and frequent German words, you will have to look up in online dictionaries thousands of other less frequent German words. At the top of this page you can find German word list free download. The word list download proceeds quickly, as it’s in Excel. From experience, I can tell that one can learn top 500 German words in about a week, provided you record them and then listen to the list daily. This word list comes from major German newspapers. This list contains German words that are both frequent and infrequent. Top 100 German words: der, die, das, dem, den, ich and many others. Learning most common words in German is important, but to gain full language proficiency, you’ll also have to learn many less common German words. In my 27500-word list you’ll find many useful German expressions. I think it’s unwise to compile a list of one’s favorite German words; what one needs is a list of widely used German words. Intermediate German wordlist should include at least 10000 German entries.

If you plan a trip to Germany or Switzerland, you had better learn super useful and common German travel phrases and words, such as Wie komme ich bitte ins Stadtzentrum? The first thing you notice when starting to learn Swiss German words is that in Switzerland they do not use the letter ß. My favorite free German dictionary is, but I also use Leo’s dictionary, Reverso Dictionary and Pons Dictionary. If you replace column B for column A in my word list, you’ll get a list of English words and their German equivalents; currently, it’s the other way around. These German words that you can find in my word list are a product of my hard work over the past 56 months. I have always wanted to learn a large list of German words in the first place, so that I could easily read German newspapers later, with little to no use of a dictionary. Some German words are so long that by the time you utter the last syllable, you forget what the first one was. I did not see any German vocabulary book with more than 10000 words. You have to regularly practice listening comprehension (TV, radio, youtube) to understand German speakers. My English/German word list has over 50000 English entries and over 27500 German entries.


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